7 Things To Look For When Purchasing a Safe


Guest Post by Blog Contributor, Mr. Blaine Lucas:

    1. There is no such thing as a fire PROOF safe. Safes are fire resistant. Look for certified fire labels on the inside of the door. Most safes are tested for the interior to remain below 350 degrees. If you have computer equipment to protect, the safe should be tested to remain below 125 degrees. Photography equipment, stamp collections, and other unique items may have different needs.  Not all safes are rated… but yours should be.
    2. Check to see if the safe can be bolted down.  Whether you are looking for a small or large safe, I recommend that the safe be bolted down. This prevents the safe from being hauled off in the unfortunate event of a break-in and is also a safety measure, as some safes are top heavy and may be hazardous if unbolted.
    3. What burglary protection is offered? Does the safe have a relocker that double locks in case of a burglary attack? Is there drill attack and hinge protection? How thick are the walls of the safe and what material are they made of?
    4. Get to know the brand. Be sure to familiarize yourself with warranties and service options. If you need to contact the manufacturer down the road for any reason, you’ll appreciate knowing a bit about their company and policies beforehand.
    5. Always buy a safe that is a little larger than what you need today. This purchase can be a lifetime investment if made correctly. A quality safe can be passed down for generations. Often, a safe is purchased for a specific need only to realize that once a safe is owned, there are a lot of other valuables that deserve protection. Think about what valuables you had five or ten years ago and think about what you may have ten years from today.
    6. Get a safe that is easy to use. A safe that is easy to use is more likely to be used. Most safes can be ordered with an electronic push button lock. Make sure it as a UL listed lock. UL Listed electronic safe locks need a minimum of six digits to open the safe. This gives you 1 million possible combinations. A four digit combination only offers 10,000 possible combinations. A six-digit code gives you 100 times more possible combinations that a four digit code.
    7. Ask about delivery and installation. Some big box stores or internet providers only offer curbside delivery. Always inquire about delivery, installation, warranty, and future service options. By selecting an informed and quality provider within this specialized industry, you will have a better experience owning a safe.

Following these guidelines will help lead you to a quality safe purchase and improve your peace of mind.


Published on: Aug 16th, 2016

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