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Guest Post by Blog Contributor, Mr. Blaine Lucas:

Whatever your budget, there are security solutions out there to improve your current situation. I am a big fan of home security alarms. But an alarm lets you know only AFTER an intruder has gained entry. With installation fees and monthly subscription expenses, I also understand that not all families can afford to take on this perpetual expense. Whether or not your home is protected by an alarm, my goal as a security professional is to avoid it ever being triggered. With upgrades like high-security locks and a reinforced door and strike, you can gain protection and lessen the need for, or reliance on, a home security alarm.

I recommend using a high-security deadbolt. Shown here is a Medeco High-Security Deadbolt.

This deadbolt is consistently rated as the “Best Buy” by Consumer’s Digest. It is UL-listed for pick- and drill-protection, and has a solid steel 1” deadbolt throw. Its features include: bump-, drill-, and pick-resistance, kick-in protection, and patented key duplication. Each key has a serial number and duplications are only allowed by authorized individuals who provide identification to the registered Medeco dealer. (Medeco only sells their products to registered dealers.)

If you’re not in the market for a new deadbolt, another option would be to add an oversized strike plate to your current deadbolt. This achieves additional kick-in protection. The best offer three inch long screws that are offset from the strike centerline to grab the 2x4s in your door frame. Most standard deadbolts offer ½ inch screws that hold the strike plate in the soft door frame. This offers minimal protection. The oversized strike plate offers a much better, solid hold. Adding longer screws to a standard strike plate may not help much, as these usually just miss the edge of the 2x4s in the door frame.

My biggest fear is that a homeowner or tenant has a false sense of security. Unfortunately, in my line of work, I discover this to often be the case. My goal is always to help folks heighten their security and take control of their risks and vulnerabilities. Feel free to send me your questions I’m here to help.



Published on: Aug 1st, 2016

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