Can I Kick it? On Camera?

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Some sources state that 2 out of 3 burglaries involve forced entry, others say it’s a whopping 95%. It’s commonly shared that less than 13% of burglaries are ever solved by police. Burglars are often seeking “opportunities”– homes/businesses that they deem an easy access. Today, I want to talk about two of the most popular conversations I have with consumers: kick-in protection and home security cameras. Let’s discuss how the two can work together to protect your home.

The most common method of entry I hear of in the SF Bay Area is straight through the front or back door with blunt force. The most common question I hear from homeowners in response to fear and concern is, “Are home security cameras worth the expense?”

To spite popular belief, most burglars are not technically savvy to locksmith skills. Few will carry and use picks or other specialty tools to break-in, especially given the fact that fines and criminal charges are astronomical on these types of tools if caught carrying them.

For this reason, our concern becomes less about out-smarting, and more about out-weighing. We want to be tougher and stronger than the “bad guys.” We want to avoid a convenient and effortless entry to our property. The videos I’ve shared below offer two ways to do just that.

Most standard home locks are not designed to withstand a blunt-force attack. There are specialty locks available, like Medeco or Mul-T-Lock, that offer quality protection. Medeco locks have actually been tested against multiple types of attacks and passed repeatedly with flying colors. The deadbolt has been consistently rated as #1 by Consumer Reports & boasts steel parts, an extended throw, security screws– all in addition to bump-, pick-, drill-, and kick-in resistance.

There are also ways to increase the protection of your exterior doors without replacing your existing locks. The Diamond Certified Expert Review I’ve shared, details one way to beef up the protection your current locks offer. Most locks are installed using 1/2 in screws which don’t do much when it comes to blunt force. A relatively simple upgrade would be to swap these out for 3 inch screws that grab that 2×4 in the wall. There are also additional plates and reinforcements available to help address this issue.

The goal of optimum home security is just beginning if the burglars do, in fact, select your home. Quality hardware is what is going to keep burglars unsuccessful in their entry attempt, but it isn’t always foolproof. Plus, other areas of your home might suffer vulnerabilities, including windows, faulty or weathered doors, a forgetful moment of leaving a door unlocked, etc. It’s also possible that a break-in could be attempted and halted (YAY!), but if that happened at my home, I sure would like to know as many details as possible.

This is where cameras come into play.



I love hearing stories of success when it comes to security cameras. I often hear tales of a crime occurring at one neighbor’s home that is solved because a neighbor on the same street has cameras and caught a license plate, vehicle or suspect description. I have visited many homes that have security cameras and I have spoken with homeowners that have suffered a loss due to burglary and seen their subsequent disappointment in the placement of their cameras. It can be extremely overwhelming to choose a brand of camera, but the work does not end there. Placement of the cameras must be carefully considered.

A strategically placed security camera can help catch a clear face pic of anyone attempting to tamper with your front or back doors. It’s also a common practice to knock on the front door before going around the back of the home– up to no good. There are cameras and specialty door bells available that will capture an image of the porch when the doorbell is rung, or when motion is detected. The street in front of your home is a great area to focus a camera in order to catch a glimpse of any vehicles or foot traffic that might be affiliated with a suspicious situation or crime.

It is important to factor in any of your exterior lighting and to test your camera’s quality when the porch light is off or on, when a motion light comes on, etc. Sometimes the camera seems perfect, but at night when your light comes on, the image is completely obscured.

A solid approach to home security blends resources across many genres, including upgrades to mechanical hardware, an investment in camera technology, a reliable and properly installed alarm, diligent safe storage of valuables, and solid habits of locking doors and windows. Depending on your individual risks and liabilities, certain products may be more relevant and necessary than others. An expert security consultant can offer valuable insight to your situation and point you in the right direction. No matter the purchase, it is always valuable to consider not just the price of the product or service, but also the quality of the experience and the availability of any warranties, guarantees, or customer support available.

Happy Securing!



Published on: Sept 27th, 2016
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