Don’t Let Your Kids Play with Your Keys


Five Reasons to Keep the Keys Away from the Littles

It seems harmless enough: your child is getting restless in the shopping cart while you’re at Costco. They are starting to fuss and reach for you or your bag, so you hand them your keys to keep busy. Given my line of work, I’m sure I notice this more than the average person and I cringe every time I see a kiddo drooling on a Warriors lanyard, chomping away on a set of keys.

  1. GERMS: Germs are lurking everywhere… and your keys get around quite a bit. They sit inside your purse and your pockets. They get set down on the table at home, or at the corner store. How many times have they been dropped on the ground?  When was the last time you cleaned them? I can’t say that I’ve soaked or scrubbed my keys lately. Yikes!
  2. Chemicals & Grime: The inside of locks are home to chemicals and grime that don’t belong in anyone’s mouth. Products like graphite, Tri-Flow, and lubricants are commonly used to maintain all sorts of locks and are definitely not delicious!
  3. Choking Hazards: Most key chains are not approved for child safety. They may have small pieces that can detach and provide an obvious hazard. Additionally, older, worn out keys can break under pressure, resulting in pieces of metal small enough to be swallowed.
  4. General Safety: This one may seem obvious, but… keys are metal. They are not intended as toys. Freshly cut keys can be quite sharp- especially for tiny hands or the inside of a teething baby’s mouth.
  5. Replacement Expense: A drooling baby could cause serious damage to your keys and replacement can cost hundreds of dollars. Most vehicles since the late 90s operate with transponder keys. These keys have electronic chips hidden in the plastic head and require special programming. Remote head keys have batteries inside and are toxic. Understandably, they’re more expensive than standard metal keys and are not designed to get wet.

And, of course, if your tot drops them somewhere in the store– that’s a whole ‘nother bill!

I recommend a special set of keys for the little love of your life instead of the real deal.


Published on: Jun 15th, 2016
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