How and Where to Place a Spare Key

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For generations, spare keys have been hidden the same way: under the mat, under rock in the front yard, under the pot on the porch. Though convenient, this isn’t a real safe and sound way to store a key to your house.

The safer way to store a spare is in a locking key box. These are available in a few different styles, depending on your personal preference. A padlock style with a hasp (think, “hook”) is best if you would like to attach to a fence, gate, or directly on the door knob. The other style is mountable and can be physically attached to the home, porch or fence. These storage devices can be opened with an alphabetical or numerical code depending again on your preference.

Realtors and construction companies have used these products for many years, in order to share access to unoccupied property. These are commonly used by property management companies and general contractors. When selecting a key box for your needs, it is important to choose a quality brand and to properly install the product. After all, you are storing a key to your property and it’s important that it is not readily available to unauthorized folks.


Selecting the Best Location

I recommend installing these devices out of plain sight. If possible, consider an area in the backyard, this way a wrongdoer would have to enter your private property in order to search for the key box. If the backyard isn’t a convenient option, I recommend choosing a location in the front or side yard that would be easily missed by a passerby. Consider an area that is well-lit, in case you need access when it’s dark. If you have a home surveillance system, make sure the placement of your key box is clearly in the frame of your video camera. You’ll want to clearly see if someone is accessing your storage box.

Now, it is still possible that someone with bad intentions could break into devices like these with the right tools and amount of effort. However, this would require significantly more energy than simply lifting the door mat and accessing the hidden house key. Thanks to these quality products, the need to leave a key out in the open no longer exists.

As always, if the top concern is the security of your property, it is best to invest in a high security locking system and to be accountable for all keys, at all times.

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Published on: Jun 20th, 2016
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