Letter from the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Hello all! And welcome to Give-A-Hoot.

My name is Katelyn Radtke and I live in the Bay Area with my partner and one-eyed dog. I’m a published poet, experienced writer, and the fourth generation of my family’s business, Foothill Locksmiths Incorporated, where I serve as Operations Manager.

So, what is Give-A-Hoot? I’ve created this site to serve the Bay Area community and offer a multimedia approach to security education and information. We all know that it is impossible to become experts in every field. My goal is to make the concept of security more tangible and easy to digest for the average person. I will be sharing product reviews, tips and advice, and hosting guest bloggers to help folks take a proactive approach to safety and security.

Why do I Give-A-Hoot? At the heart of my passion lies security, education, and community.  I first visited my family’s business at a very young age and have developed an understanding and appreciation of the locksmith industry over many years. I learned quickly that the average consumer is missing a lot of essential information when it comes to the security of their home, business, and family. Often, a security provider is called only when a specific service is needed. However, we, as security professionals, are incredible resources and have a wealth of knowledge that can greatly benefit the community.

Why should you Give-A-Hoot? Every month, we’ll be covering a few different topics that may impact you and your family. By subscribing to our monthly newsletter or bookmarking this website in your favorites, you’ll have the opportunity to read and watch new topics as they are made available. We encourage you to share these posts with your friends and family and bring everyone around you on to the same page!


Published on: Dec 14th, 2015
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**Give-A-Hoot Content is for information-purposes only and is not a substitute for specific security consultations. It is always best to consult with a professional specifically for your unique situation.