Is It Worth Your Time?


If you haven’t yet heard of NextDoor, the time is now! NextDoor connects residents with others in their neighborhood and offers a sharing platform with the ability to post classified ads, crime and safety notices, documents, free items, lost and found, and recommendations for local businesses.

The app and website can easily be described as a Facebook designed just for you and your neighbors. It lets you know what the official name for your neighborhood is and shows you the profiles and posts of those residing within it. Depending on your settings, you can also share information with the surrounding neighborhoods.

Here are three reasons why you might want to make yourself a profile on NextDoor.Com:

  1. You Like Free Stuff: My neighborhood page is constantly filled with “Free if you haul it” type of posts. I’ve seen posts for couches, bed frames, appliances, even extra landscaping materials. And most of these are high quality and new or gently used. There seems to be more of a “small town” feel to NextDoor.Com and I’ve seen higher quality posts than what you’d find on Craigslist.
  2. You Haven’t Met Your Neighbors: I was shocked to see how many people in my neighborhood are active on NextDoor. I’ve had the same neighbors for a few years now, though I haven’t learned everyone’s names or exchanged contact information. NextDoor allows you to create a personal profile and give as much (or as little) information about yourself as you’d like. You can put your full address or just your street name and view the map to see the profiles of others near you. Neighbors can send you a message and vice versa, and you don’t have to remember names and phone numbers all on your own.
  3. You Want to Know What’s Going On: NextDoor.Com is the perfect forum to post your questions and concerns and reach your neighbors directly, without having to go knocking door-to-door. In fact, it’s the modern way to do just that. We had some police activity in our neighborhood recently and thanks to the site (and my community), I had all the information I needed to stay safe and informed before I even left the office to head home.

There are many more reasons to join in on the platform than those I mention above. I’m sure you’ll find your own list of things you love about NextDoor– and ultimately, you may decide you don’t have much to gain. But! Don’t miss out on making that decision for yourself. You may come across valuable information and spark some wonderful conversations. You might even make a connection and turn a neighbor into a friend, who has been right NextDoor all along.


Published on: Jul 20th, 2016
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