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I’ve heard some wild stories over the years of parents and caregivers being locked out by the toddlers in their care. Today, I’ll be sharing some of these tales and also sharing some tips and products that will help you avoid these stressful and dangerous scenarios.

A few years ago, I heard the story of a mom who went out to the curb to grab the mail. As she emptied the mailbox and returned to the porch, she saw her little one at the door. Her daughter was maybe three or four years old at the time and she was quite bright. She looked at her mom and smiled before turning the deadbolt to the locked position. Unfortunately, Mom didn’t have a spare key hidden outside and had to begin the game of convincing her young child to unlock the door. To further her panic, her infant son was also inside the home napping and now both children were without adult supervision. Frustrated and in an understandable panic, Mom called 911 and the fire department came to assist with re-entry to the home.

The other surprisingly popular lock-out saga: a parent accidentally locks their keys in their car with their young infant or toddler inside. We all maintain pretty busy lives and it can be really scary to be separated from your child in this way. I hear of this happening in mall and grocery store parking lots most often. On an especially cold or hot day, this can be extremely dangerous. Often the child is too young to unlock the doors, they are restrained in their carseat, or they are naturally mischievous and unwilling to cooperate in unlocking the car doors.

Just recently, I heard the story of a locksmith who was called out to a home to unlock a bedroom door. A two year old child had locked their mother out on accident and was unable to unlock it on their own, causing the mother to panic.

Of course, these situations can be prevented- but an accident is called an accident for a reason! The best bet is to prepare your family for situations like these and avoid taking unnecessary risks. These scary and dangerous lock-outs can be prevented with a few easy and affordable remedies.

  1. Vehicle Hide-a-Key: Keep a spare vehicle key in a magnetic hide-a-key on the underbelly of your vehicle. If you have a car newer than ‘99, you can keep a mechanical key hidden this way. This key will unlock the door/trunk, but will not start the vehicle. If your spare is discovered by a thief, they will not be able to use it to start your car. But you can get in if you lock your keys inside!
  2. Locking Key Box: This is a secure way to store a spare key for your home and definitely beats leaving a key under the mat. Refer to THIS ARTICLE for best practices.

Try to carry your keys with you often, and when in doubt, take your kiddo with you to check the mailbox!

And remember, if you ever feel like you have an emergency, it is always best to dial 9-1-1.


Published on: Jul 12th, 2016
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