Property Management Solutions


One of the biggest challenges of property management is finding quality tenants. The biggest priority of property management is to keep your property occupied and in premium condition. A top investment to assist with the challenges and priorities of property management is your building’s safety and security. Medeco High Security Locks offer a number of quality features, including patented key control. This requires your tenants to go through you (or your trusted contact), for any and all duplications of their unit’s keys. This helps you maintain control over your property and puts you at ease knowing that access is restricted to authorized persons exclusively. When your tenant’s lease is up, it is natural to have the keys turned back over to you. With Medeco High Security, if you receive all of your keys back that were originally distributed, you have no need to have the unit rekeyed. This can allow you to move your next tenant in quickly.


Published on: May 31st, 2016
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