The Fireproof Myth

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When selecting a safe for your home or business, it is important to remember that not all safes are created equal. The quality of a safe can be measured in many ways. When it comes to fire endurance, there is no such thing as a fireproof safe. Safes are rated as fire-resistant and not every safe boasts a rating. The Underwriters’ Laboratories’ (UL) fire-resistance container testing procedures are thorough and a safe that has passed this testing will boast a UL-Listed rating label. The industry’s first UL-Listed, fire-rated burglary safe is American Security Product’s BF-Series. These safes are tested at direct heat, up to 1700º and have earned a one hour 350º factory fire rating. This means the internal temperature of the safe will reach up to 350º. It is important to consider the items that will be stored. Standard safes are not suitable for all precious metals, data storage, and antiques. Shop wisely and contact a trusted professional for specific advice.


Published on: Dec 29th, 2016

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