The Quality Difference


A quality safe can become a family heirloom in itself. Top brands, like American Security Products, are designed with longevity and survival in mind and can be passed down for generations. A quality safe is rated for burglary- and fire-resistance. A safe with a U.L.-Listed rating will be marked with a metal or plastic sticker on the inside of the door or the outside of the safe. This means the safe has been tested and has successfully endured such threats. A quality safe should also be pre-drilled to be bolted down into wood or concrete flooring- no matter how small or large, lightweight or heavy it is. This will positively impact its burglary resistance and  safety features. It can always be unbolted and moved by professionals when the time comes. The lifespan of a quality safe is almost solely impacted by any direct damage or stress endured, such as a fire or burglary attempt.


Published on: Apr 25th, 2016
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