Tis the Season… to be Smart & Cautious!


The holidays are in full swing… the pies are out by the pallet at Costco, the Christmas Tree lots are popping up on every other corner, and kids everywhere are bringing home colds to share with the whole family.

During the holiday season, studies show that crime rates increase dramatically. People are completing their gift shopping and spending more than in other months, and inevitably, this is common knowledge to bad guys/gals all over. Folks are looking for opportunity crimes, crimes that are quick, low-risk, and irresistible. I refer to the holidays as “smash and grab” season, due to the significant increase in car break-ins.

This year, I’ve put together seven tips that may help you avoid holiday shopping-related crime:

  1. Carry your vehicle remote in your hand when walking to your car with your shopping bags. The red button on your keyless entry device may come in handy if you start to feel unsafe for any reason.
  2. Tell a loved one where you’re headed for the day or when they should expect to hear from you. It’s almost always a good idea to share your plans for the day with someone else. By following this rule of thumb yourself, younger family members may be more willing to follow suit in their teenage years! (Best of luck…)
  3. Do not leave shopping bags in plain sight in your car. I know, I know! It’s common sense stuff. But it had to find it’s way to the list. Cover up the goods!
  4. Park in a well-lit area & save your parking spot in your smart phone. There are few things more embarrassing than wandering the parking lot because you’ve lost your car! This can also put you in a vulnerable position of being lost and sometimes even disoriented after a big day of shopping.
  5. If you’re at a mall or shopping center, park at your final destination. Walking is great exercise! Plus, when it is later in the day, you won’t have to be out in the dark for a greater time period. Safety always comes first- start thinking about where you parked before you exit the store.
  6. Do not use your car as a place to keep your valuables! Unload! Be it your work bag with laptops and documents or a trunk full of presents, try to make room in your home for these items. Your vehicle is almost always more likely to be broken into than your home. For non-seasonal valuables, consider a safe for real protection & peace of mind.
  7. Double-check that you’ve locked your vehicle. Then check it again. Then check your spouse’s and children’s cars. We get holiday-brain and can easily forget to do this.

These are just a handful of tips that may help you stay on your toes and out of hot water this winter!


Published on: Dec 12th, 2015
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