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Travel Safety

Yippee! Vacation season is upon us. The time has finally come to scoop up the kids & grandkids and escape to paradise or to the happiest place on earth. The excitement of planning the next travel adventure can be captivating– but beyond packing and confirming itineraries, there are a few safety tips to consider.

  1. Social Media Safety Before You Depart: It’s important to remind family members to be cautious of what they post on social media outlets. Something as innocent as a Facebook post searching for a house sitter can give away too much information, such as the date and location of your time away.
  2. Pack Your Bags & Refresh Your Safety Skills: This can be fun or dreaded, depending on the approach. A list of all essentials can help you stay organized and focused in your packing endeavor, especially when packing for the whole family. To make sure you and your family have a stress-free and safe time away from home, consider your risks before departure. There are great products on the market for traveling safety, these include: added hotel room locks, money belts, etc. If you’re road-tripping, consider roadside safety items, such as a collapsible cone, flashlight, flares, etc. And when it comes to tourist attractions and crowded places, make sure you and your children are on the same page with a plan if they become lost or separated from you.
  3. Prepare Your Home for Your Time Away: It’s just as important to secure all your valuables in your safe before departure. This should include your car keys & remotes and even garage door openers. Any unused laptops, iPads, and cameras, should be kept in your safe if space permits, or else be hidden away.  And, of course, your other valuables (jewelry, important documents and such) are already in the safe, right? Right. Of course they are.
  4. Lean on Your Community: Notify a trusted neighbor or family member of your time away. Let them know if they should expect a different vehicle in the driveway or activity in the home on certain days. You may consider informing your local police department. Most departments will accept a request for extra patrol during your absence, though it may come without a guarantee.  Of course, you don’t want to tell the whole neighborhood you’re headed out of town, but a reliable neighbor can be a great asset.
  5. Select a Fabulous House Sitter and/or Board Your Pets: Don’t take any risks on this front! Be sure that the person with authorized access to your home is trustworthy. There are plenty of companies that offer this service professionally– though a friend or family member may be the best fit for your needs. Have a friendly but firm chat about house rules and leave a list of emergency contacts. It’s best to type/write down any instructions to avoid miscommunication. When it comes to dog boarding, my family trusts Camp K9 and PupTown. Always make sure you have updated contact information on file before time away.
  6. Flex Your Social Media Smarts: Once you’re away, avoid posting your hotel room number or checking in at every destination on social media, especially if your posts and page are public. Though these may seem like obvious “No-Nos” a picture of hotel room keys, a dinner receipt, or selfie outside your room, can be easily overlooked in the moment and can give away information about your location. Avoid posting things as they are happening and be aware that when you check-in on social media during your travels, you’re giving away your location.
  7. Have the time of your life!: Rest assured knowing that you’re all set to make some awesome memories.

These are just a few pointers to help you avoid stress & truly enjoy your vacation… Bon Voyage!


Published on: Jun 15th, 2016
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