Who Has the Keys to Your Home?

Key Control

This question might not be an easy one to answer! Many homeowners distribute keys on an as-needed basis: perhaps to a dog-walker, housekeeper or babysitter. Do you mind if those who have your house key make copies without your permission? Unfortunately, this is a risk taken any time a standard house key is handed off to another person, no matter the circumstances. In today’s world, there are websites that can copy keys using an uploaded photograph and machines at stores that can make copies with no questions asked, even when the keys are stamped “Do Not Duplicate.”

The only way to ensure that keys cannot be copied without the consent of the owner is a key system with patent-protected keys, like Medeco High Security Locks. This special type of lock offers additional security features to thwart break-in and vandalism threats and is also available for mailboxes and in a padlock form.


Published on: Feb 18th, 2016
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